The Year In Beer – 2017

Allison will sometimes give me grief for the amount of time I spend taking pictures of my beer for my Untappd check ins.  Where as I see it as a way to experiment with lighting and composition.   It is also good to limit the tools at your disposal and force yourself to utilize what gear you have on hand and approach it in a different way, in these cases my cell phone and sometimes a flashlight.  I strive to make somewhat of a different shot if time allows.  Bringing focus on what is happening in that moment or using props at that location to assist in achieving a unique shot.  Sometimes playing off the name of the beer and trying to incorporate it in to the image can be a path I’ll take as well.  Other times it about enjoying the beer with friends and the photo opp takes a backseat.

Top 5 Beer Photos (in order of most recent occurrence):


Pliny The Elder by Russian River


Gulden Draak by Brouwerij Van Steenberge


Staghorn by New Glarus

Sierra Nevada

Sidecar Orange Pale Ale by sierra Nevada


Top 5 Consumed Beers (in order of most recent occurrence):


Mexican Peanut Butter Stout by Belching Beaver


Alexander by Brouwerij Rodenbach


Revelation IPA by Revelation Ale Works


Moo Joos, Tiramisu by Brau Brothers


Top 5 Beer Related Experiences (in order of most recent occurrence):

Goat Ridge Brewing Company

The Goat Ridge taproom was a fun space to hang out in.  So many different rooms and areas to settle into and enjoy some beer.  The pizza that was brought in by others looked to be quite nice.  


Choco Raz Stout at Goat Ridge Brewing – New London, Minnesota

The outdoor space was spectacular situated along the high river.  Plenty of nooks to hang out in isolation or as a large group being serenaded by so local musicians.  Plenty of space to enjoy outdoor games as you enjoy the beers from Goat Ridge.  Feel free to read more about this place in our Willmar post.


Revelation Ale Works

We spent much more time getting to and from Revelation Ale Works in Hallock, Minnesota than we did in the actual taproom.  It was a spontaneous excursion in the darkness of Halloween night.  It was a memorable experience that we won’t soon forget.  You can read more about it in our Roseau post.


Revelation IPA at Revelation Ale Works – Hallock, Minnesota


100th Brewery Visited

My 100th brewery stop was made at the recently opened Venn Brewing Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota on December 28, 2017.  I enjoyed their Citra Mosaic IPA, the Citra hop rarely fails me.


100th brewery stop at Venn Brewing Company


Waldmann Brewery & Wurstery

Waldmann is a basically what one would have found in a German immigrant neighborhood of Saint Paul in the late 1800’s.  The taproom is in a 2 story limestone building which is the oldest standing commercial building in Saint Paul.  It was once a saloon back then and it has come full circle and operating as a neighborhood place to relax and enjoy some quality German beers with some German bar food.  The attention to detail in resurrecting this building is remarkable, seeking out methods and material to match as closely as possible to how it would have been back when it originally opened.


Harvest Hefeweizen by Waldmann


Loons Pre Match Parties At Surly

The Loons pre match parties at Surly are always fun, even in the snow at the home opener and in the rain prior to the Seattle match.  Free parking, great beer and good food all to be had before marching en masse to stadium lead by a brass band.  At least we get another year of this fun but I wonder what will happen when Allianz Field opens up in Saint Paul for the 2019 season.  Perhaps these sort of festivities be moved to a closer taproom such as Lake Monster or maybe a new brewery will open up near or on the stadium grounds.


Yoyodyne by Surly


Gathering for the march from Surly – Minneapolis, Minnesota


Nordeast by Grain Belt at the Loons home opener – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Click here to read the follow up article about what I’m looking forward to in 2018 in the world of beer.




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