Toys On Vacation

It’s pretty well documented that much of our trips are spent with me following Seth around while he takes photos. Much of the time I spend taking in the scenery while I wait for him to take the perfect shot. Sometimes, I listen to music or books and I often bring a book to read.


Our favorite overlook in Rocky Mountain National Park

Back in 2014 we were on one of our annual winter trips to Estes Park, Colorado shopping at Safeway for a picnic lunch and we stumbled upon a massive sandwich. I thought it would be perfect, a whole picnic in one convenient package.


Last photo of the sandwich before it became lunch.

The enormity of the sandwich was so comical to us. We decided to make use of the gorgeous backdrops to take some Flat Stanley inspired photos. We had more fun than we should have!


One of our sandwich photos – Rocky Mountain National Park

As some of you know, my closest friend has a handful of kids. These kids are super important to me, I actually refer to them as my nieces and nephews. Partially because saying “My best friend’s kid….” is longer than “my niece” and mostly because her kids are as important to me as my other nieces and nephews.


A and A at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis

Last year was a focus on work and self-care year. It meant that we had much less time for all family and most noticeably our time for our nieces and nephews was basically zero. Let’s be honest, I was so stressed all the time that I wasn’t fun to be around, even if I could find time to be with them. In January I promised Little A that once my project was over, I would have so much time for her that she would get sick of me.

As you can probably guess, that did not happen as quickly as expected. It was taking a little longer to put my life back together than I had expected. While I saw the kids in my life more often in February and March, it wasn’t enough for Little A. One day in late March I was trying to leave and Little A just wouldn’t have it (good-byes are always hard for this one) and so her mom suggested that she send a toy with me, so I would have to come visit to bring it back.

Not sure of what to give me and probably worried that I wouldn’t actually bring it back anytime soon, I was sent on my way with an old library book. I thought it may help Little A with the distance if I took fun photos of us with the book. As a way to interact with her and for her to know that I remember her, even when I can’t make it for a visit.


Right before we left for Germany, I stopped by to switch the book out for a new toy. Luckily, I was able to convince her to send something a little easier to carry. Big A decided to send something too. So off we went to Germany with our little Barbie and a tiny monster truck!


Bodensee – Lindau, Germany


Bodensee – Lindau, Germany

Scroll down to see the toy photos in chronological order. I thought this might be a fun way to hold you all over, until our official Germany posts start going up. 🙂


Neuschwanstein Castle – Schwangau, Germany



Lichtenstein Castle – Honau, Germany


Lichtenstein Castle – Honau, Germany


Reichenstein Castle – Trechtingshausen, Germany


Reichenstein Castle – Trechtingshausen, Germany


Reichenstein Castle – Trechtingshausen, Germany


Konzertkirche – Neubrandenburg, Germany


Konzertkirche – Neubrandenburg, Germany


Konzertkirche – Neubrandenburg, Germany


Konzertkirche – Neubrandenburg, Germany


Tollensesee beach – Broda, Germany


Tollensesee beach – Broda, Germany


Tollensesee beach – Broda, Germany


Hotel Alter Fritz – Quedlinburg, Germany


Breitestrasse – Quedlinburg, Germany


Restaurant Mekong – Quedlinburg, Germany


St. Benedikti – Quedlinburg, Germany


Rathaus Quedlinburg – Quedlinburg, Germany


Wencksrasse – Steinheim, Germany


Hotel NH Frankfurt Airport – Kelsterbach, Germany


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